We are breaking ground in modern beekeeping. The stage is set and like most big problems, collaboration is key. As a Sentinel Apiary participant, you will get the tools and information you need to take your beekeeping group to the next level. By doing so you become a guardian of all bees in your region and together we will revolutionize beekeeping.

Applications are now available for 2016 and we are seeking beekeeping groups that manage 8 or more stationary colonies. We will arm you with data from Disease Load Monitoring and a Hive Scale so you may combat the challenges of beekeeping. To aid in this effort weve acquired funding to subsidize $300 toward the cost of a hive scale purchased for your beekeeping group. Join the science team that is helping beekeepers across the country!

Disease Load MonitoringSend us monthly samples of your colonies and well send you reports on their Varroa and Nosema analysis. This includes a comparison with other participants and long term nation wide survey efforts. Management decisions made simpler!

Image courtesy of beeinformed.org