Nevada Neighbors at Bitter Odds Over ‘Pet’ Honey Bees

A stinging battle over honey bees has been brewing among some Nevada residents, and there is nothing sweet about it.

David Sharpless of Henderson, about 30 minutes south of Las Vegas, is going all out to protect his city-given right to keep his “pet” bees. But two of his neighbors, Brandon Hulet and Hayley Jeeter, are also going all out — to have the buzzers relocated.

“We can't enjoy our backyard,” Hulet told ABC News. “In Nevada, in the summer, it's hot. You want to go out and enjoy your pool and it's pretty impossible.”

Hulet, who moved into the neighborhood two years ago, said he started noticing the unwanted guests in his backyard about a year ago. He says he tried talking to Sharpless after his 3-year-old son was stung twice in their pool.

“[Sharpless] stood there and said, ‘You can't prove theyre mine,'” Hulet said. “I said, ‘You gotta do something about it.' He said, ‘They are friendly and theyve never stung anyone before.'”

“I'm not gonna say my bees don't go to their pool,” Sharpless told ABC News, “but 100 percent of the bees they see are not really mine. No one can say for sure that the bee was mine.”