The raw honey from hives placed in black sage on Fremont Peak is sold at fruit stands and farmers markets.(Photo: Tom Leyde/For The Californian)Buy Photo

PRUNEDALE When life gives you bees, make honey.

Thats what a Prunedale couple did when they were left in possession of five beehives six years ago.

Jason and Amy Bordi now have a thriving business making honey and renting hives to growers to pollinate their crops. Theyre up to 360 hives and they say they would like to increase that 500 next year.

The couples bee business started after Amy connected with a man from St. Lucia while selling items on Craigslist. The man was visiting the Monterey Peninsula and need a place to keep his five beehives.

The Bordis agreed to keep them for him, thinking the bees would help pollinate the vegetable garden on their 6-acre Pesante Road property. When they next heard from the man, he had moved to St. Thomas. The bees were theirs to keep.

The bees and us worked together, Jason Bordi said.

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