Imagine the thrill of a simple Teutonic tribesman as a swarm settled near his homestead. The souls of his ancestors could easily be amongst them. Of course these bees had to be treated with reverence and respect.”

Remnants of this belief, though disappearing, are to be found until this day, like putting Christmas wreaths on the hives at Christmas time. It’s only common decency to include one’s ancestors in the festivities, isn’t it?

Similarly, many of you have heard about the practice of announcing the beekeepers death to the bees. According to German tradition, if the beekeeper’s passing was not announced to the bees, they would abscond or die. Evert Jan says, My father performed this solemn duty when my grandfather died. I did it for my father when he passed away and my son promised me to inform my bees when my time has come.

Because swarm season is approaching, Evert Jan also sent me a copy of the Lorsch Bee Blessing, a magic charm intended to make a swarm return home. He said, With the kick-off of swarming season it could come in really handy. So, in all fairness, I will pass it on to you.

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