Honey For Throat, Cough and Congestion


Honey for sore throats, cough, and congestion has been touted as an age-old cure over the ages. It is likely that a parent has at one point suggested a warm drink mixed with honey as the cure for a sore throat.

However, it is likely that there is more credibility to this suggestion than one might think. In fact, it has been suggested that the hot drink does less for one's throat than the added honey itself. This research suggests that honey might be the cure for what ails you, provided what ails you or your family is a sore throat or cough and congestion.

Honey for Throat Ailments: A Natural Cure

Studies conducted on the effectiveness of honey for a sore throat saw honey as being just as effective as over-the-counter cough suppressants. Just as effective of an ingredient as dextromethorphan, honey is the more accessible and natural choice for cough relief.

Cough Only at Night

There are a number of reasons as to why one might experience coughing more often at night. If one is already lying flat in their bed, it is likely mucus is pooling at the back of their throat and exacerbating their cough. If this is the case, one can try sleeping with their head at an elevated angle.

If this does not help, or if one continues to experience a night cough even when they are not lying down, it is likely there are a number of other factors at play. Infections tend to be worse during the nighttime hours as the throat is at its driest during this time.

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GERD, acid reflux, and other conditions all make it more likely one will experience a cough and sore throat at night. Even in these cases, and regardless of the exact condition one is experiencing, a spoonful or two of honey has been seen to have a positive effect on one's symptoms.

Stop Coughing At Night

Coughing fits when one is sick or experiencing allergies can be tormenting. Keeping one up at night, these fits can exacerbate and prolong sickness and symptoms.

The alternative is to use a cough suppressant in order to promote restful sleep when you're feeling under the weather. Studies conducted on children show that giving them roughly 2 teaspoons of honey before bed was shown to reduce their coughing at night and help to improve sleep overall.

Cough Suppressant for Kids

It is likely that concerned parents will be hesitant about giving their children some over the counter medicines. Without understanding the exact contents of these medicines, one can be hesitant to give children potentially dangerous medications.

In this instance, one's best course of action is to find a natural cure for a cough that one's children will also enjoy. Because children are often picky and hesitant about taking medications anyways, honey is a great alternative. Children typically prefer the sweet taste of honey over the feeling of taking an over the counter medicine.

Parents will likely not only have an easier time getting their children to take honey for their sore throats but will also likely see similar results to using an over the counter medication when using honey for their children's cough.

Natural Cough Remedies for Toddlers

Using honey for a child's cough is perfectly acceptable. Toddlers fall within the ideal age group when it comes to using honey as a cure for sore throat. As a rule, honey should never be given to children under the age of 1. This is because babies have yet to develop to the point where they are able to process the bacteria in honey.

These bacteria generally operate as toxins in the bodies of babies, causing infant botulism in their digestive systems. While generally safe for children ages 1 and up, concerned parents can err on the side of caution and consult with their doctors before beginning to give their children honey for their sore throats.

Toddler Cough

Coughing is fairly common in toddlers. This is because their immune systems are still developing and beginning to learn to fight off infections. Children will often be exposed to bacteria for the first time as toddlers.

All of this exposure to bacteria and diseases leads to a pretty common and persistent cough in young children. Because these conditions are typically nothing major for parents to be concerned about, it is often suggested that parents look for natural cough suppressants rather than over the counter cures.

Too many of these over the counter medicines can be aggressive on a child's immune system and hinder its development. It is recommended that toddlers be allowed to build up their immune systems during this time. Rather than try to constantly shield toddlers from diseases that can give them a cough, cough suppressants work to make them more comfortable.

Dry Cough in Children

Dry cough can also be common in children, as it often lingers after a child experiences a cold or viral infection. The additional mucus, in conjunction with the other factors that increase coughing at night, can make the presence of a dry cough in children not necessarily a cause for concern.

However, parents can also look out for newly developed coughing developed at night, as this can be a potential sign that a child has developed asthma. Parents should speak with a pediatrician if they are at any point concerned their child may have developed asthma due to a persistent dry cough.

In Addition

Honey As A Natural Cure For A Child's Sore Throat Has Other Parental Concerns

All of these things can help to provide your child with better health overall and help them live a more balanced life, free of irritants that cause sore throats.

Cough and Congestion

These conditions often go hand in hand. Excessive coughing can be produced by excess mucus, while congestion is typically present where there is excess phlegm. Cough and excessive congestion are not typically a cause for concern and are a natural part of life.

Most people will typically incur living with excessive mucus at some point or another in their life. This is often nothing to be concerned about. From sinuses to colds, there are plenty of mundane and banal reasons why one might be experiencing excessive coughing.

However, too much cough and as well as congestion can point to something such as bronchitis, asthma, or more. Whether this condition is present in an adult or a child, excessive and frequent cough or congestion is always worth a trip to the doctor in order to rule out the worst possibilities.

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However, those who are in relatively good health and those who only deal with the occasional cough and additional congestion likely have nothing to worry about and can rest assured knowing their home remedies will not only suffice but work just as effectively in order to subdue their condition.

Natural Cough Syrup

Regardless of the reason as to why one is seeking a natural cough suppressant, there is one tried and true method of creating such a concoction at home. Honey in warm water is one of the most soothing remedies for a sore throat as a whole.

Whether one takes this natural cough syrup remedy as a tea or opts to ingest the honey by itself, this remedy has been known to be just as effective as over the counter medicines for sore throats.

Honey for Throat and Cough Suppresion

When it comes down to it, honey is the key ingredient in creating a safe and effective cough suppressant at home for both you and your family. Because honey has been known to be just as effective as over the counter medications while being all-natural, there is little to no reason to choose an over the counter medication over a natural honey cure.

Using a natural remedy rather than an over the counter cure is one of the best ways to show oneself and one's family the love and care they deserve.


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