<p> Dan and Connie Mayer, of Bee Happy Honey Farm, love selling at the Hamilton Farmers Market.<br /> <br />The market makes a more cohesive community, says Dan, who is a retired county extension agent, and along with Connie has turned the family honey bee hobby into a vocation.<br /> <br />Connie adds, People like buying from the same vendor all the time. Its more than a business relationship. We build trust. People are proud to bring visitors to our market because it is so welcoming and friendly. We stop at farmers market when we travel and ours is the best. Customers here dont just shop and leave quickly; they linger and have a great time.<br /> <br />The Mayers have been selling wildflower honey from their Bitterroot Valley hives at the market for six years, and keeping bees for 40 years. They are proud to offer unprocessed raw honey, with all of its original anti-allergy pollen, vitamins, antioxidants, and enzymes intact.<br /> <br />Dan explains, Texas A&M University analyzed honey in grocery stores a few years ago, and found that much of it was cut with sugar syrup and a lot came from China. Our honeys local, unprocessed and pure.</p>