“Are you ready to learn about the bee business?” asked local beekeeper William Serio, as he readied the equipment and personal protection apparatus needed that day for the safe extraction of honey and wax from his 12 beehives, which collectively house 30,000-40,000 bees.

For several years now, on Tuesday and Thursday, Serio has been frequenting the Dyer County Farmers Market, where he specializes in the sale of beeswax and honey jars that are extracted from his own personal collection of honeybees.

“I will only rob the bees maybe twice a year,” said Serio. “Some beekeepers rob the hives once a week, but I want to make sure that they have enough time to build back a healthy supply. After stealing the last batch of honey and wax for the summer, I will let them keep anything else that they make, and that will get them through the wintertime.”

The benefits of honey and wax are absolutely endless. Aside from its good taste, honey has been used for many years as a memory booster, cough suppressant (honey for cough), physical energy source, exfoliater, and shampoo. Honey is also proven to reduce inflammation, provide relief to those with eczema, improve allergies, and more.

Image courtesy of stategazette.com