If you're planning grocery shopping this weekend, might we suggest picking up a lemon or two?

Here's the deal: lemons are little wondrous fruits which are loaded with tons of health AND beauty benefits.

Lemons contain astringent juices, meaning the fruit has a natural brightening property that makes for a great skin toner. They also can fight blackheads thanks to the citric acid which tightens the pores and removes impurities.

Who knew one single fruit could be a beauty game changer?

And if you have honey kicking around in your cupboard, then you're in luck because lemon and honey (manuka honey for acne) make for one beneficial face mask.

Honey, which is full of antioxidants and moisturizes the skin, can be mixed with lemon to open up and clear out your pores.

Together, the two make for one powerful blackhead-killing team.

But let us forewarn you since you are working with two fresh ingredients, this masks needs to be used fast (or else mold will begin to grow). To get the most use (and best results) from your lemon and honey DIY project, we suggest applying the mask in the morning and night.

Get ready to make your skin happy in the best way possible.

Image courtesy of www.huffingtonpost.ca