February is almond pollination month in California. A couple of nights ago, the CBC aired a story about almonds, water, and bees. They try to cover everyone involved – the consumer who loves the heart-friendly food, the almond grower who is trying to juggle water and trees and bills, the beekeeper who would rather not drag hives across the country but needs the money that pollination gives him, and finally, the bees themselves – they’d rather not be in a California almond grove in February.

I’ll write more about this later – and the environmental impact this is causing – but for today, here’s How the High Demand for Almonds is Affecting California. It’s quite an interesting story about almonds, water, and bees.


Clicking on the link will take you to the story at CBC’s news site. The 12-minute clip starts with a chicken crowing like a rooster and you’ll find the Canadian reporter’s accent endearing. The bees make their appearance about half way into the report. Don’t be discouraged. It’s a good video. Here are a few images:

Image courtesy of badbeekeepingblog.com