Your State Needs a Standard of Identity for Honey

Do you want to make a difference in the way “funny” honey is marketed in your state. Find out how to get a Standard of Identity for your state.  There is information on how Florida was the first state to get a Standard of Identity for honey.  Download the information to get started in your state. Contact information for Nancy Gentry who spearheaded the Florida “Standard of Identity” drive.

Nancy Gentry
(386) 684-3433

Nancy Gentry Letter.......Read Nancy Gentry's letter to the industry.  Nancy Gentry is the driving force behind Florida's sucessful adaptation of the Standard of Identy for Honey.  This letter is an introduction to adapting a Standard of Identity for Honey for your state.  Contact information for Nancy is at the end of this letter.  Please contact Nancy.  She is a retired school teacher that has tons and tons of energy and enthusiasm.  You will love her and she will help you get a Standard of Identy for Honey for you state.


Nancy Gentry Speech...... This is the speech Nancy Gentry gave at the National Honey Packers and Dealers Association meeting January, 8, 2009.  Read this story of the work done to get the Honey Standard in Florida.  See how you can start the process in your state!!


Florida Standard of Identity...... This the Full Text of the Final Rule for the Standard of Identity that was adapted in Florida.


Florida Proposal to Adapt...... This is the Proposal sent to the Florida Deptatment of Agriculture and Consumer Services.  Though all of this information may seem almost overwhelming, it is actually much more simple that it appears.  Read this proposal that spells out the Background and Justification for this proposal.