AHPA Membership

The American Honey Producers Association is an organization dedicated to promoting the common interest and general welfare of the American honey producer. It is the only national beekeeping organization that reserves voting rights for beekeepers.

In the past the AHPA has worked in Washington, DC on the following:

Farm programs
Disaster payments
Chinese anti-dumping
Pesticide problems
Funding for the USDA, ARS Bee Research Labs
Federal extension apiarists
And other miscellaneous items to help further the profitability of the honey producer.

Currently, the AHPA's top priority is to increase the price of honey for the American beekeeper by doing the following:

Maintaing a honey loan support program
Having the USDA purchase domestic honey

AHPA members range from beekeepers who have just one hive to those having over 80,000. The AHPA pledges to do everything it can to improve the future of beekeeping for all beekeepers no matter what their size.

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All AHPA members will receive a subscription to the Honey Producer magazine.

Honey Producer magazine:

Highlights current industry news
Publishes submitted articles from the scientific community
Informs you of legal battles being fought in Washington, DC
Provides complete AHPA convention schedules
Is published four times each year
Advertising rates

Non AHPA members may subscribe to Honey Producer magazine by submitting a $40 annual subscription fee to the following:

Carrie Jensen
P. O. Box 158
Power, MT 59468

ATTN: Beekeepers!!

Support anti-dumping and circumvention action against China by contributing directly to the anti-dumping fund escrow account at:

Winston and Strawn, LLC
John Waits/AHPA
1700 K Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20006