Due July 31, 2012.

Below are quick simple instructions for filing your 2012 Byrd Certification. At the bottom on the page are links to more detailed "General Instructions" and "Detailed Instructions".

  1. Download Byrd Certification Form 7401 (bottom of this page)

  2. If you filed in 2011, all information will be nearly identical from your 2011 certification form, except you must add in the individual amount paid for the China Honey case from your 2011 Byrd check on page 3, column 3 "Total Amount of Prior Year’s Distribution for this Case" and do the math for column 4.

  3. As you figure "Total Amounts of Prior Year’s distributions", be sure and use the WHOLE amount paid in 2011 by Customs to Mike Coursey’s escrow account. Do not use the amount of the check you received from the escrow account. Use the WHOLE amount paid to the Escrow Account. All of this should be applied to the Honey China A-570-863 dumping case.

  4. The amounts on line 41 for the 2 Argentina orders will remain the same as 2011 since you received no payment for Argentina cases in 2011.

  5. You only need to file ONE form, but be sure to list all three cases on page 3.

  6. You do NOT need a cover letter as done a number of years ago.

  7. Mail to address on page 2 of the Certification Form 7401.

  8. The certification form must be received by Customs on or before July 31, 2012.

Customs has collected $11,837,022.93 so far. This is 1.4 times last year’s big amount, so your Byrd Check should be 1.4 times last year’s large amount!

This certification of Byrd money through AHPA is only available to beekeepers who have been continuous AHPA members from September 29, 2001 through 2011. If you have not been an AHPA member all these years, you should not fill out this certification form. Customs will not accept your certification form if you have not been an AHPA member for the last 11 years or listed in the Federal Register below.

If you need additional assistance or need the forms and instructions mailed to you, please call AHPA Executive Secretary, Jerry Brown at 785-778-2006 (office). You may need to leave a message, but typically we will get back to you in less than 24 hours. Or better yet, email him at

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