Try Using Local Honey for Your Allergies

Did you know that people all over the world are using honey to help with their allergies. It's true.

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Use Honey For Your Cough And Sore Throat.

Honey is great for soothing sore throats and easing coughs. Try it any time of day or night.

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Find Out About Honey For Your Acne

All around the world, people struggle with acne. Believe it or not honey may be able to help you.

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Have You Ever Tried A Honey Face Mask Before?

Nothing beats the way honey makes your skin feel. Nourish your face with pure organic honey.


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What can we say about honey? As it turns out; quit a bit, actually. In fact, there are so many benefits, uses, and types of honey that American Honey Producers (AHP) decided to go worldwide. We’ve organized this site to efficiently direct our visitors to the information they are seeking as quickly as possible. Above; you will find the four most popular honey topics in the news today, the science behind them, and the proper application methods/doses. Below; you will find current news about honey and honey bees, provided by Google and updated daily.

After finding the information you are looking for, go to the AHP Shop to find the products we feel are best suited for your purposes and personal needs. The AHP Shop carries a wide variety of honeys and beekeeping equipment for both; honey lovers and health enthusiasts, and professional and hobbyist beekeepers alike. But first, let’s talk Honey




Honey Is The Perfect Superfood

Need a good energy source that is easy to digest? A tablespoon of honey contains around 60 calories and is loaded with carbohydrates. Made up of mostly glucose and fructose, honey is easily absorbed and much better for the body. Because honey can help regulate blood sugar, restore glycogen, and boost energy; athletes are finding it very beneficial before and after workouts. Honey contains vitamins and minerals as well, something you don’t see in sugar. The flavor and appearance of honey is controlled by the nectar in the region, so we as consumers get to benefit from many different varieties. No two honeys are exactly alike, and we can’t get enough. The best thing we love about honey is its lifespan. Because honey has been known to keep forever, the jar on your counter might just outlive YOU.  So eat up!

Honey Has Ancient History

A land flowing with milk and honey”…sound familiar? Honey goes back much further than that, with our first sighting of a cave painting in Valencia, Spain about 8,000 years ago. It pictures two gatherers collecting honey from a bee hive. Medicinal records stretch from ancient Egypt to medieval Europe and courses through the entire history of the Asian continent. Clay vessels in an ancient Georgian tomb, dating back 5,000 years, have been discovered containing honey. Possibly in a ritual designed for travel to the afterlife. Ancient Egyptians not only used honey for a sweetener, but as an embalming substance as well. This might actually be the roots of our medicinal uses today. Certainly wouldn’t be the first thing ancient Egypt has offered us, why should honey be any different?

Honey Has Amazing Health Effects

As an antioxidant, honey has the ability to remove free radicals. Wounds: such as cuts, burns and sores; can all benefit from honey’s antifungal and antibacterial properties. Honey is hygroscopic with high viscosity, making it a fantastic moisturizer and sealer. Combine that with its enzymatic production of hydrogen peroxide, and you can start to see why honey appears in some of the world’s earliest medical documents. The health benefits of honey show up in every part of the world and some of the best honey can be found as far as New Zealand. Manuka honey has even demonstrated effectiveness against such pathogens as Escherichia coli (E. coli). We classify honey as a nutraceutical, which simply put, defines it as a food source with extra health benefits aside from its basic nutrition values. The more you eat, the healthier you’ll be. And that’s our way of saying: “EAT MORE HONEY!”

Honey Has Many Modern Uses

The modern uses of honey fill the pages of our website and have become the focal point in our reason to reach out to the world with our love for the stuff. It’s important to remember that other than the common uses of honey; as a sweetener, ingredient, snack, ect., honey used for its nutraceutical benefits should be raw organic honey. Once honey is pasteurized/heated, its enzymes are destroyed and it will completely lose any healing ability. That being said, American Honey Producers has a tremendous list of the wonderful uses of honey, and the list keeps getting longer. Check out our pages on honey for acne and honey for allergies. We also have sections on a honey face mask and aids such as honey for cough and sore throat. More medical uses will be coming soon as we continue to do more research. In the meantime; buy, eat, enjoy, and love this wonderful product with us.



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